About me

в книге "Древние" ищи настоящие магические карты Таро

Real Tarot cards in the my book “The Ancients”


I am Sasha Gotti – a writer and artist. I write books and draw covers and illustrations for it. I live in St. Petersburg, Russia. An action of the books mainly takes place in my hometown. What am I writing about? About a russion evil spirits mostly. Vampires, ghouls, swamp witches (kikimora), trolls – this is my team. Oh yeah, more witches also. In the “Nuara” series now there are six books, I am writing the seventh and working on a new series.

Only my books, covers and illustrations are published on the site. All my activity is in social networks:

Instagramm: sasha_gotti

VKontakte: sashagotti